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June 2024
Jun 07, 2024
1 incident

Dashboard Outage


Resolved Jun 07 at 11:46pm UTC

Clerk Engineers identified the key that was causing the issue and updated our services which reference it. All services are functioning.

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May 2024
No incidents reported
April 2024
Apr 26, 2024
1 incident

SMS Deliverability Downtime


Resolved Apr 26 at 05:14pm UTC

All SMS messages are now sending correctly. We apologize deeply for the downtime and are taking measures internally to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

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Apr 25, 2024
1 incident

Performance Degraded


Resolved Apr 25 at 01:47pm UTC

Systems are operating as expected now. We have placed a change in place to prevent the original performance degradation scenario from recurring and continue to monitor closely.

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Apr 09, 2024
1 incident

Degraded performance on Dashboard and Frontend API


Resolved Apr 09 at 03:21pm UTC

We've observed performance as restored. We'll continue to monitor

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Apr 08, 2024
1 incident

Degraded SMS Deliverability


Resolved Apr 09 at 09:46pm UTC

This issue has now been fully resolved and SMS deliverability is back to normal. We apologize for any disruption it caused and are taking measures internally to ensure that SMS deliverability issues like this don't happen again.

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Apr 07, 2024
1 incident

Scheduled Database Maintenance


Resolved Apr 07 at 09:34am UTC

Update: The database upgrade was completed. Maintenance mode worked as expected to keep users signed in.

However, new sign ins, new sign ups, and updates to clerk objects were blocked for longer than expected.

The delay was the result of some upgrade steps taking longer than expected, and longer than the dry run against our staging environment indicated.

We understand authentication and user management is critical infrastructure for your application, and will be conducting a complet...

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