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clerkdev Apr 07 at 05:53am HDT

The time is now!

clerkdev Apr 04 at 04:17pm HDT

This month, we're revisiting our App Directory support in @nextjs:

How can we improve the integration?

clerkdev Apr 02 at 06:17am HDT

Let him cook 👨‍🍳

clerkdev Mar 31 at 04:44pm HDT

Happy Changelog Friday!

We flexed our performance and extensibility muscles this week 💪

✅ Improved web vitals
✅ Chrome Extension support
✅ OIDC Provider support
✅ Cross-origin embedder policy support (for profile images)

clerkdev Mar 22 at 06:09am HDT

We're thrilled to announce that we've raised a $15 million Series A led by @MadronaVentures, with additional participation from @a16z, @S28capital, #mangocapital, and @rauchg

We're just getting started. Learn more:

clerkdev Mar 17 at 01:40pm HDT

Happy changelog Friday!

- We have a new home
- Sign in with Linear
- Sign in with Spotify
- Add additional scopes to a user as needed.
- Beta docs updates

clerkdev Mar 15 at 06:55am HDT is now redirecting to 🎉

Any fun ideas for our .dev domain going forward?

clerkdev Mar 14 at 07:39am HDT

We can't wait for Reactathon! Check out the packed schedule of great talks by great speakers

Our cofounder @tweetsbycolin will be discussing the evolution of developer tools, and how a <Component/> is worth a thousand APIs

See you there!

clerkdev Mar 12 at 11:59am HDT

Who can recommend Clerk to Anas?

clerkdev Mar 03 at 12:01pm HST

It's changelog Friday!

- Create organizations right from the dashboard
- Next.js 13.2 route handler support
- Updated Ruby SDK

Happy coding!